Firefox: Latest Version Bookmarks List – Reduce Line Spacing


With recent updates to Firefox, bookmarks drop down list have increased the spacing between the lines and changed the font. How do I revert back to previous font and display the bookmarks list with reduced gap between the lines.


1. Open a tab and enter about:config, click OK after the warning

2. Search: proton. A few will come up.

3. Change all the ones that are true to false. One was already false so I kept it, and the last one had a 3, which I kept it 3.

4. Exit and restart Firefox.

This will also revert the right-click command boxes back to small squares.

UPDATE: Unfortunately above solution stopped working with the latest Firefox update! (11 August 2021, Version 91.0 64-Bit on Windows 10 Latest version)

Hopefully Firefox will stop this madness with their next update. If they don’t I still have a solution for you using “userChrome.css” method. Message me if you’re interested.