Contact Form 7 in Popup Fix

PROBLEM If CF7 is used in an Elementor (or any other) Popup, clicking the [Submit] button closes the popup without giving user any chance to see the success or error messages. The following fix works for me: SOLUTION 1. Place the CF7 shortcode into your popup design. 2. Add HTML class to the shortcode ( … Read more

Add Custom Font to Elementor?

PROBLEM Most of the WordPress free themes now come with Google Fonts feature out of the box. But what if you want to use a custom font which is not in Google Fonts and you do not have Elementor Pro. I have tested the plugin Custom Fonts by Brainstorm Force without any problems. Just install … Read more

GeneratePress: Edit Footer Credits via Child Theme Functions

PROBLEM GeneratePress : Edit footer credits via using (filter) in the child theme function. SOLUTION Replace the URLs with your website’s links and insert the below code into child theme functions: /** * Edit Footer credits */ function fwuk_change_footer_credits ($copyright) { $copyright = sprintf( ‘<span class="copyright">&copy; %1$s %2$s</span> &bull; <a href="%3$s" itemprop="url">%4$s</a> &bull; <a href="%5$s" … Read more

CSS Background Image Overlay

PROBLEM How do I add an overlay to a background image using CSS only? SOLUTION The background property can accept several comma seperated images. Each image can have all the background properties but only the last one can have the “color” property.So, we can’t have the first image (overlay) have color property but we are … Read more

CSS Background Shorthand Property

PROBLEM Multiple CSS background properties in a single declaration. For example: background: url("image url") center center/cover no-repeat fixed padding-box border-box #ccc; SOLUTION All properties in a single declaration: background: [background-image] [background-position] / [background-size] [background-repeat] [background-attachment] [background-origin] [background-clip] [background-color]; At least one spacing character between each value, plus position and size properties must be seperated by … Read more